WRAP Yourself in Scripture

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The book WRAP Yourself in Scripture is designed to help you converse with your Heavenly Father by learning a Scripture study method called WRAP. WRAP is an acronym that stands for Write, Reflect, Apply, and Pray. The goal of WRAP is to foster a personal encounter and conversation with Jesus Christ through the Scriptures. The book contains instructions about how to use this Scripture study method, as well as a WRAP worksheet and suggested Scripture passages to use for reflection. WRAP is based on the principles of Lectio Divina (Latin for "divine reading" or "sacred reading"), an ancient, yet rediscovered, method of reading, reflecting on, and praying Scripture. This method has been practiced for centuries by the Desert Fathers, the Benedictines, the Carmelites, and various Doctors of the Church, including St. Gregory the Great, St. Jerome, St. John of the Cross, and St. Teresa of Avila, among others. You do not have to be a Church doctor or live in a monastery to practice Lectio Divina. Paperback, 55 pages.

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