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We're so grateful for Holy Cross Books and Gifts! To have a place nearby where we can purchase religious items (rosaries, candles, DVDs, books, and much more) is a blessing. Our lives have been especially enriched by the large selection of religious texts we've purchased there. I addition to the excellent product, the staff is top notch. If you like interacting with friendly, kind and knowledgeable sales staff, we recommend you shop at Holy Cross!

~Jay & Julie O.

One of our favorite Saturday ventures is to stop at Holy Cross Books and Gifts! Not only do they have an extensive and appealing book collection for all age groups and all levels of faith; the unique and wonderful quality of the gifts from cards, music, statues, crosses, games, wall hangings is beyond what would be found in any other shop! Kathy and Erv have a heartfelt and sincere desire to be of help in selecting or searching for specific requested items. If something is out of stock or not in the store, they will search for the item and let you know when it is available! If you are looking for a larger quantity for a group, they will assist in getting ordered in a timely manner to meet your needs! Not only are they welcoming, friendly, honest, and faith filled Christians, they are also very knowledgable in the areas of their inventory and your needs!

~Pam & Al K.

Holy Cross Books & Gifts has a great selection and they are the most helpful with all my needs. Holy Cross is my go-to store for resources and gifts.

~Valerie T.

I enjoy shopping at Holy Cross Books & Gifts. The staff is very helpful in helping me find whatever I'm looking for. I usually buy more that what I intended as you have so many great books and gifts. I enjoy meeting and talking with them. I would highly recommend Holy Cross Books & Gifts to anyone looking for a good Catholic book in the south metro area.

~Hacinta B.

Holy Cross Books & Gifts is my favorite gift store to visit!! I visit there frequently! They have a beautiful variety of cards for every occasion that are not found at other stores. Also, many beautiful cards for our priests!

I like to have sacramentals in my home that remind me of Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother, Mary. Holy Cross has many beautifully crafted pictures and statues that I have purchased and have a special place in my home.

If I need gifts for Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, or Graduation, they have many different ideas and gifts to choose from. They have beautiful Christian jewelry, an assortment of crosses and other religious medals.

The owners and staff are always there to help with ideas for your gifts, a friendly visit and willing to say a prayer for any of your needs!

We are so blessed in our community to have such a beautiful store as Holy Cross Books & Gifts for spiritual gifts. Kathy and Erv give so much of their heart to anyone who come into the store to find that special spiritual gift. They are willing to reach out and say a special prayer for your needs. I thank the Lord for their beautiful store and their ministry!

~Barbara B.

Very friendly staff, nice selection of gifts.

~Michelle K.

Great customer service. Wonderful gifts for baptism, weddings, etc.

~Lisa C.

One of the best stores around!!

~Bobbi S.

Great customer service!

~Alissa G.

I feel blessed.

~Mark N.

Friendly staff! A five-star!

~Rachel T.

A very nice place to shop! They have mostly Catholic books, but some will appeal to Protestants as well. They have gift items for both as well. The staff are friendly and helpful. I asked about a baptismal gift and was shown a number of choices. Besides books, they have gift items, CDs and DVDs. They also have cards for religious occasions such as Baptisms, Confirmations, and Weddings. They have a nice selection of rosaries and medals in all price ranges, too.

~Sally M.

Always peaceful, kind and friendly assistance.

~Kristine C.

Excellent help and recommendations from staff.

~Pierre M.

People that work there are very nice. Great selection of product.


Friendly owners who have a beautiful store with lovely gifts and books!

~Dennis F.

Very friendly staff, helped me find what I was looking for promptly.

~Russ H.

Great customer service, can find all my catholic books and gifts.

~Pamela K.

Was very impressed with this store! Purchased a few first communion gifts here and the staff was very helpful showing me the different options. I purchased a beautiful cross for what I thought was a stellar deal. I highly recommend this store!

~Ryan C.

Excellent Christian bookstore with lots of gift options too. They have many different types of bibles, and books on many other topics such as Saints, devotionals, and books for all ages.

There is a kids section, and also gift sections for various things like first communion and such.

It is part of a strip mall so there is lots of parking, and the owners are great and can special order stuff for you if you have specific needs.

~Crystal R.

Good friendly service!

~Jerry S.

Wonderful Catholic book store! Customer service is great, they are always willing to order an item for you! Tons of items on hand! Love this catholic book store!

~Monica B.

As soon as I walked in the store, I could feel an overwhelming sense of peace, and great customer service. I felt like at home. They have so many things to choose from, I was amazed with the inventory. I will recommend to all my friends and members from my Church so they can have a place to go to and buy all faith based things they need. I loved it!

~Teresa P.