Why God Hides

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Why does God hide "?" day-in and day-out "?" from those of us who yearn to hear His voice? When we do good, there's no heavenly applause. When we do evil, no divine rebuke. And when great horrors visit us, He rarely intervenes. In good times and bad, there's just silence . . . the awful silence of God. Now comes Why God Hides, this magnum opus of Fr. John Portavella, written after many decades of listening to God's silence "?" in his own life and in that of thousands of his parishioners. Those years of listening, reading, thinking, and praying have made ever more clear to him "?" and with the help of this book, will make clear to you "?" that, in fact . . . God is not silent nor is He hidden, if only you know how to listen and learn where to look. "?" Time and again in the events of salvation history and in the trials and joys of our daily lives, Fr. Portavella here unveils the Face of God and lets us hear His voice. Paperback, 224 pages.

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