Voice of Saint Faustina: Musical Settings of Poems from her Diary, CD

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This CD is composed of songs created in musical settings from poems in St. Faustina Kowalska’s Diary.  A local soloist from the Cathedral of St. Paul, Minnesota, Gabrielle Doran, joins Dr. Christopher Gana (Director of Sacred Music and Organist) to present some of St. Faustina’s spiritual poems in chant-like song and music.

Some of the themes of these poems are: Mary, Eucharist, Angels, the Will of God, Pain, Intimacy with God, Gratitude, and of course Divine Mercy.  A compilation of songs of mediation, and one which reveals how one saint experienced the fruits of great intimacy with God.

For example, the first song, “Divine Mercy” is from Faustina’s poem in her Diary, para 522.  Altogether, there are 14 songs/poems to simply enjoy, or meditate upon.  Inside the CD jacket, each song is numbered along with its accompanying Diary paragraph, or poem.

This allows listeners to follow along and contemplate the poem from Faustina’s Diary.

This beautiful CD is a unique treasure! 

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