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Stories Jesus Told DVD/Jesús Nos Habla - DVD. Parables for Kids. In these full-color, animated adaptations of the parables, children ages 3-8 are drawn into the teachings of Jesus. Capturing themes of love, forgiveness, prayer, sacrifice, repentance, and faith, these brief but memorable four-minute stories relate meaningful lessons to last a lifetime. The ten featured parables are presented as Jesus narrating the story to a crowd. Following each story, he ensures that they understand its deeper meaning. As these men, women, and children reflect on Jesus' words, your young viewers will learn to open their hearts to the Word of God, follow in the footsteps of the Good Samaritan, seek God's forgiveness, embrace even the weakest and smallest of things, be humble, and spread the Gospel. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or catechist, this educational resource offers you engaging material for presenting Scripture in an entertaining format. An optional bonus feature, "Teaching Tools," provides you with 25 minutes of audio-visual and textual content. You are given an introductory framework for approaching the parables to understand how the people of Jesus' time would have reacted upon hearing these stories and how each gospel uniquely incorporates the parables. This bonus section also introduces each parable's historical background, content, and significance. Following each parable, you have the option to further engage your young viewers with discussion questions. These questions invite children to reflect on what they watched, relate the parable to their daily lives, and discover ways to apply the principle taken away from the parable. The following parables are featured on this DVD: ¦The Sower ¦The Good Samaritan ¦The Lost Sheep ¦The Prodigal Son ¦The Pharisee and the Tax Collector ¦The Parable of the Talents ¦The Good Shepherd ¦The Lost Coin ¦The Parable of Two Sons ¦The House Built on Rock

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