People of the N.T., Book 3

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Book III covers the primary non-apostolic disciples of Jesus, among them: Barnabas, Joseph Barsabbas, Cleophas (of Emmaus), Luke (including his life as painter and healer), Mark, Martialis (the youth of Nain), three Nathaniels (including the bridegroom of Cana), Saturnin (an important early disciple of both John the Baptist and Jesus unknown to history), Simeon, Stephen, and others. The second part documents an extraordinary conversation between Jesus and Eliud the Essene shortly before the baptism in the Jordan, then gives accounts of many lesser-known disciples organized in four categories: civic leaders; pagan officials (including the historically unknown centurion Abenadar, one of the most fascinating figures in the visions); merchants; and other officials. The final selection covers King Abgar and the famous letter that passed between him and Jesus, still a matter of scholarly dispute. Paperback, 546 pages.

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