Life of Saint Vincent Ferrer, O.P.

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PREFACE 4 I. BIRTH, EARLY YEARS, FRIAR-PREACHER 5 II. FIRST LABOURS IN THE VINEYARD 13 III. AVIGNON 21 IV. THE APOSTOLATE 1400-1408 29 V. "IN JOURNEYINGS OFTEN" 1408-1412 39 VI. THE ANGEL OF THE JUDGMENT 49 VII. WHO SHALL BE KlNG? 58 VIII. "IN LABOUR AND PAINFULNESS" 1412-1416 66 IX. THE EVENING OF LIFE 1416-1419 76 X. THE CROWN OF GLORY 84 XI. THE WONDER WORKER 96 XII. THE SAINT AND HIS TEACHING 106 Known as the Wonder Worker for the incredible number of miracles attributed to the Saint, 873 miracles of which were recognized by the Church and also known as The Angel of the Apocalypse.  Paperback, 120 pages

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