Life of Leonardo da Vinci, DVD

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This film is 4.5 hours long! 2 discs. Who was Leonardo da Vinci, and what are the secrets behind his genius? This landmark film offers an exciting look into the mystery, myth, and genius of this once-a-century figure. Lavishly shot with a cast of hundreds in many of the actual locations where da Vinci lived, worked, and dreamed, The Life of Leonardo da Vinci is a complete immersion into da Vinci's world. Witness his most historic triumphs, including the creation of The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa, paintings that have become embedded in our collective consciousness. Based on eyewitness accounts, historical evidence, and informed speculation, this richly photographed film adds compelling brush-strokes to the immortal da Vinci legend. Special Extra Features: The Rise of Renaissance Italy, Leonardo's Masterpieces, Da Vinci's Inventions, The Maestro vs. Michelangelo, The Works of Two Great Masters: A Timeline of Leonardo and Michelangelo. Also includes an eight page booklet: The Most Brilliant Mind in History. 270 minutes.

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