Demons Deliverance Discernment

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What are these evil spirits we call demons? How can we recognize when and how they are influencing us? And most importantly, how do we fight back? In Demons, Deliverance, and Discernment, Fr. Mike Driscoll answers all these questions and more. Drawing on his experience as a priest and counselor, and on his research with exorcists, Fr. Driscoll clears up many popular misconceptions about demons and the spirit world and offers sound information and pastoral advice rooted in Catholic tradition, including: What we know about demons from history, Scripture, and Church teaching. How to tell whether personal problems come from mental illnesses or demonic attacks. What exorcists actually do and don't do when they help people suffering possession. Why homemade "deliverance ministries" are not a truly Catholic way to counter the influence of demons. Authentic prayers and practices that will make evil spirits flee and invite God's grace into your heart. The devil has designs on our soul and hosts of wickedness who want to win it for him. Know your enemy. Read Demons, Deliverance, and Discernment and prepare yourself for the fight. Paperback, 199 pages.

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