Daddy am I Beautiful?

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Leah loves to play dress-up, spending hours donning her most beautiful princess gowns. But she's curious because whether she's dressed up or covered in dirt, her father still calls her beautiful. How can that be? Through charming illustrations and a delightful story, Daddy, Am I Beautiful? teaches girls to recognize and value beauty not only in how they look but in acts of kindness, virtue, and love. "God makes us beautiful from the inside out. God's love is what true beauty is all about." Our media-saturated society often paints an unrealistic picture of beauty for females that is only skin-deep. Parents, teachers, and caregivers will welcome Leah's story as one that can facilitate their own conversations with young girls about the qualities that make one truly beautiful. Ideal for ages 4–7. Paperback, 24 pages.

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