Case for Catholic Education: Why Parents, Teachers, and Politicians Should Reclaim the Principles of Catholic Pedagogy

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Catholic schools have long contributed to the mission of the Church and to the flourishing of society. During the past few decades, however, Catholic schools have suffered severe losses, both in their religious identity and in their capacity to attract students. In the past decade alone, the number of students in Catholic schools fell by almost twenty percent. Students in Catholic schools are more likely to believe in God than public school students, and be pro-life. At the same time, they more often use marijuana and are, on average, more sexually active. How did this happen? How can we rebuild our schools and reinvigorate our pedagogy? With penetrating insights, pointed anecdotes, and drawing upon recent empirical studies and Church documents, Ryan Topping describes the near collapse of Catholic education in North America and uncovers the enduring principles of authentic renewal. In The Case for Catholic Education you’ll discover: the three purposes of Catholic education why virtue is more important than self-esteem the elements of a true “common core” curriculum essential differences between “progressive” and “Catholic” models of learning helpful study questions and a research guide.

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