Biblia de Jerusalén: Quinta Edición, Revisada Y Aumentada

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Nueva edicion, 2019. This new edition includes 30% more footnotes than the previous edition. The same team of specialists has edited this fifth edition, maintaining the core values of their translations of the original languages: unity within the various biblical books of the Old and New Testament, reflection of the rhythm of the lyrical poetry in the Hebrew verses and special attention to parallels, especially those found in the Synoptic Gospels. We reviewed all the books of the Old and New Testaments on behalf of the general coordinator Victor Morla: with translation of the Hebrew clichés to accommodate the Spanish language, improving the harmonization of the texts and refined style. Joaquín González Echegaray has updated the historical, geographical and archeological notes and has also introduced some new ones. We have incorporated the translation of some changes made to the notes of the last French edition of the Jerusalem Bible: some have been removed as obsolete, while others have incorporated a cultural, historical and geographical character. This new edition benefits from the studies and research of Biblical and Archaeological School of Jerusalem and the exegetes who form the new team of translators of the Jerusalem Bible in Spanish, staying true to the principles of previous editions while representing a complete updating of biblical scholarship in recent years. Hardcover, 2055 pages.

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