Beginning Apologetics 7: How to Read the Bible

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Beginning Apologetics 7 How to Read the Bible "A Catholic Introdction to Interpreting and Defending Sacred Scripture" Because of its significance in the life of faith, it is extremely important to read Sacred Scripture well, that is, correctly and fruitfully. To effectively understand the Bible, we should know a little about what it is and how to properly interpret it. A basic grasp of Catholic teaching on Sacred Scripture is indispensable for getting the most out of reading and studying the Bible. In Beginning Apologetics 7: How to Read The Bible, the author's purpose is to give beginning students of the Bible an overview of the constant teachings of the Catholic Church about Sacred Scripture. The last section of the book will help lay Catholics identify and refute the errors that some biblical scholars are currently promoting. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that Sacred Scripture is strength for our faith, food for our soul, and a pure lasting font of spiritual life. It also teaches that Sacred Scripture should be the very soul of sacred theology. Indeed, as the inspired Word of God, the Bible should have pride of place in our devotional reading and study of the faith.

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