Beginning Apologetics 6: How to Explain and Defend Mary

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Beginning Apologetics 6 by Fr. Frank Chacon and Jim Burnham How to Explain and Defend Mary BEST-SELLER! Most Catholics can't easily answer the questions most often put to them by non-Catholics. But you don't have to be tongue-tied the next time your non-Catholic friend asks the tough questions. Learn how to explain your faith clearly, defend it charitably, and share it confidently with the enormously popular Beginning Apologetics Series. Maybe the MOST often misunderstood concepts to non-Catholics is the Catholic devotion to Our Blessed Mother. This volume does an excellent, concise, job of looking at the Scripture basis of Mary as the Second Eve, the New Ark of the Covenant and the Queen Mother. It also defines and explains all the stumbling blocks to Marian doctrine. Included are a section on answering common objections and a look at the Rosary, the world's most frequently used devotion to Mary the Mother of God.

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