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A Gift for YOU is a colorful book telling the story of the birth of Jesus in a new perspective, as if Jesus is speaking directly to the children. Jesus is telling the children how he came to be, how he may have felt the night he was born, what he saw and heard, and why God sent him here to be with us. It is a unique perspective to help children understand the real meaning of Christmas, that is, the simple message of love, that Jesus was a special gift of love from God. The book is meant to open the discussion of what is love and how can a child show others love. After reading the book, the child will see that Christmas is more than getting gifts from others but the real meaning is that Jesus is our gift from God. Through Jesus and his teachings, we learn how to care for one another and love one another. It is my intent to have parents, grandparents, teachers, siblings, and anyone who reads this to children open the discussion as to how they can show love to others. By showing care and love for others we are, therefore, doing the work that Jesus taught us. That is, the gift he gave us and the gift we are to pass on to others, and the real meaning of Christmas-taking care of one another and loving one another. Paperback, 30 pages.

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