Hello! We'd like to introduce ourselves. We are Erv & Kathy Ertl, and we are the owners of Holy Cross Books and Gifts in Lakeville, MN.

Holy Cross Books and Gifts opened on October 13, 2006 and is located at 7608 160th Street West, on the border of Apple Valley and Lakeville in a newer, modern shopping center called Lakeville Crossing. We opened our door and are located in the same location to this day.

This shopping center has two sides; and Holy Cross Books and Gifts is located on the East Side – closer to Cedar Ave. Some of our neighboring shops are Penzeys Spices and Focused Eye Care. Sometimes, customers can get turned around, or feel confused as to how our shopping center is laid out, but, it’s quite easy. If you need any assistance, please call us and we'll help you navigate your way to the store. Please remember that Holy Cross Books and Gifts is located on the East end of the shopping center complex.

Above the store, there is a large sign with the store name. At dusk, the sign lights up in bright red letters. In the evening, you’ll also notice a lighted Cross in one of the windows. The store is 2,000 square feet, so it is considered a medium-sized religious store. It holds an extensive array of Gifts and Books!

As you enter the store, you will hear soothing religious music being played; and you may quickly notice the left wall is covered with many attractive Crosses and Crucifixes – all different sizes, shapes and styles! Yes, many people love to come to this store for Crosses!!!

To the right side of the store, there are display tables for Wedding and Anniversary gifts, and for Baptism and Baby gifts. Weddings and Anniversaries take place year-round; so, we have some very nice gifts to celebrate the occasion! Our Baptism and Baby area is full of wonderful and special gifts. Customers love the good selection and ongoing variety of choices. . . from wonderful music boxes, night lights, and children’s wall crosses, to a host of other delightful products.

There is an area for Bereavement Gifts. People come here to find a ‘lasting’ gift, one that will go beyond a gift of flowers or money. They discover memorial statues, picture frames, wall art and even some sympathy jewelry.

Speaking of Jewelry, Holy Cross Books and Gifts has all kinds of inspirational necklaces, pendants, medals, bracelets and many other decorative pieces of precious metals and gems to express one’s faith. Inside the jewelry counter and several display cases, you’ll find a large selection of quality jewelry at reasonable prices! We carry First Communion and Confirmation jewelry, Christian Military and Sport medals, as well! And, oh yes, we have a great variety of rosaries, too!

Then, there is a large CD, DVD and Book section, with rows of book shelves on numerous Christian topics. First, and foremost, the store has a great Bible section. There are also books on Marriage, Family, inspirational subjects such as Prayer and devotions, Biographies and the Sacraments. There are many books for Children and Youth. And, there is even a section of Spanish and bilingual books. By the way, if you hear some nice music in the store, please ask where to find it, because we sell the CD that is playing and you can have this wonderful music at home too!

Besides all of the books and gift items, there is even More! Notice that our impressive Wall Art stands out – from beautiful, religious framed art to the contemporary, everyday plaques and tabletop figurines. The list of products continues - - - You will be surprised at just how much this store carries without being crowded. Once a customer happily exclaimed to his wife, “Wow, we hit the jackpot!”

The store telephone number, hours and directions, are posted on our main webpage. We are happy to invite you to our store and we'd like to help you find whatever you are looking for. In most cases, if we don't have the specific item you are seeking, we can order it for you at no additional cost, and we pay the shipping costs to the store! We hope to see you soon!

Blessings to you,
Erv & Kathy
Holy Cross Books and Gifts

Grow in Faith; Share a Blessing!