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Narrated by actor Martin Sheen, this powerful documentary tells the remarkable true story of Polish martyr and 20th century hero, Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko. Father Jerzy, the chaplain of the Solidarity movement in Poland, was murdered in 1984 at the age of 37 years old by the Communists for speaking the truth about human dignity and rights in a country full of propaganda, oppression and social injustice. Fr. Jerzy's strong faith, love and courage mobilized a nation to stand united against the Communist regime in Poland. At his funeral, almost one million people surrounded his church in Warsaw and promised to continue his struggle for freedom through non-violence. Solidarity leader Lech Walesa said, "Rest in peace, Father Jerzy. Solidarity is alive because you gave your life for it." His grave is visited by hundreds of thousands yearly in Warsaw. He was Beatified in 2010. DVD - 85 minutes.

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