Sword and the Cape

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Sometimes a call to sainthood comes during childhood, sometimes through an occupation, and sometimes in a dream. For St. Martin of Tours, it was all three. This beautifully illustrated book tells the tale of Martin's attraction to Christ as a child, his work as a soldier, and one of the most famous stories of his kindness. Children ages 4 to 7 will marvel at the story of a saint and his good deeds. Using the sword and cape from his Roman soldier's uniform, Saint Martin encounters Jesus in an unexpected way. When all he was trying to do was the good, right thing, he then gets an opportunity to hear God's call. This book brings to life the patron saint of soldiers, horses, tailors, and weavers with an engaging narrative, action-packed illustrations, and St. Martin's generous spirit. The book also includes historical information about St. Martin, his role as a military priest, and the origin of words like "chaplain" and "chapel." Children can also pray to St. Martin with the included prayer. Paperback, 40 pages.

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