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The Sacred That Surrounds Us helps reveal Catholic churches as shrines of devotion. Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture are made tangible with this book, which explains with clarity the symbolism and history behind the sacred items we see in every Catholic church. In ancient and medieval times, the faithful knew the meaning of all the sacred items in a church. Today's Catholics can now re-discover the sacred that surrounds them in church. In modern churches, it can be difficult to realize the immense religious and cultural heritage we as Catholics are heirs to. It can be difficult to enter into the mysteries we are partaking in during the mass. But every Catholic church, from the small, modern parish to the ancient basilica, has similar sacred objects and vessels. The Sacred That Surrounds Us helps Catholics make every visit to a Catholic church a pilgrimage of faith. In The Sacred That Surrounds Us, Catholics read: At least one historical fact about the sacred item or church feature being discussed. At least one symbolic reality about the sacred item or church feature. A beautiful, high-resolution picture of the item or feature being discussed. A quote from the Church Fathers about this item, or a relevant quote from the Bible. Paperback, 125 pages.

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