JPII, Pope who understood Fatim

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John Paul II, Pope Who Understood Fatima: The Unprecedented Role of Fatima in the Course of Recent World History. Most people know that the Blessed Virgin Mary visited the small Portuguese village of Fatima in 1917. Most of us have heard how she pleaded for the recitation of the Rosary. But, are we truly aware of how the message of Fátima truly changed and altered the course of world history? Do we realize how her maternal catechesis goes beyond the mere praying of the Rosary? Have we learned how the message of Fátima completely changed the life and mission of a Pope, John Paul II? Join us in a journey into the "unknown dimensions" of the Message of Fátima and learn how the Mother of God used the message of Fátima to guide a Vicar of Christ into changing the life of the world and humanity forever. Paperback, 127 pages.

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