God so loved the world

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n this volume the brilliant Fr. Spitzer probes in detail the major question that if an intelligent Creator God, manifest in logical proofs, scientific evidence, and near death experiences, who is the source of our desire for the sacred, and the transcendental desires for truth, love, goodness, and beauty, would want to reveal himself to us personally and ultimately. He then shows this is reasonable not only in light of our interior experience of a transcendent Reality, but also that a completely intelligent Reality is completely positive, implying its possession of a completely positive virtue, namely love, defined as agape. This leads to the question whether God might be unconditionally loving, and if he is, whether he would want to make a personal appearance to us in a perfect act of empathy, face to face. After examining the rational evidence for this, he reviews all world religions to see if there is one that reveals such a God, an unconditionally loving God who would want to be with us in perfect empathy. This leads us to the extraordinary claim of Jesus Christ who taught that God is "Abba," the unconditionally loving Father. Paperback, 418 pages.

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